How to Set Achievable Goals not New Year’s Resolutions

When it comes to starting a new year, most people (including us!) try to make up for what they missed or should have done in the year that just passed. We’re sure you’ve had a moment like this when you just said: “No more! This year I’ll get into shape, eat healthier, learn a new skill, get my life on the right track… New year, new me!” and all that madness. But are New Year’s Resolutions really the thing for you, or should you focus on how to set achievable goals?

Why not New Year’s Resolutions?

The problem with New Years Resolutions is that you won’t keep them, once the confetti is all cleaned up and the party is over. After a while, you’ll remember them, and start to feel guilty, and try to do them all in one day (and fuck up!).

We know because this was us, for me 8 years ago, when I just hit my 20’s mark, and for Andy a couple of years later. I was making promises to myself and the Universe, and forgetting all about them the next day. But since those moments, we’ve been through hell and back, and we’ve learned our share of life lessons which we just love to share with all of you.

On the list for today’s life lessons is the battle between the New Year’s Resolutions and the goals you could set – and how you can actually achieve them. We’re trying to help you solve a problem that has been on our minds for quite a while now, and are delighted to share with you what worked for us, and what didn’t.

And yes, we know this article is long long long overdue, (like last year’s problem!) but what can we do when our laptop just decided to stop functioning in the middle of writing this article, two weeks ago? We couldn’t just let it go to waste now, could we? Oh, well…

But enough with the chit chatting! Let’s get to it!

How to set Achievable Goals, not New Year’s Resolutions

1. Dream big, but Start small

Like everyone in their 20s, it’s perfectly normal to dream, and dream big. It’s fine not to settle for small wins like learning how to properly fry eggs, but to want to cook a whole dinner for yourself and loved ones, or for upgrading your career from a simple worker in your field to supervisor, even go for the manager position.( Why the hell not?)

Yes! You should think of evolving, growing, being MORE. But at the same time, it’s absolutely crucial that you start small and go step by step. You need to create the foundation and then build it up, one day at a time.

This will help you avoid overwhelm, stress and funny enough, if not beat, at least postpone your need to procrastinate.

2. Create a map and keep track of your journey

This is absolutely crucial! why? Pretty simple. You need to have a clear idea of where you are when you’re starting and where you need to be when you reach the goal that you’ve set for yourself.

Having a clear idea of where you stand on your journey, at any time between the start point and achievement, helps you keep your focus, and have a clearer view of everything. Also, it’s easier to have mini-goals set here and there, to keep your spirits up if you feel that your journey might be too long.

3. Reward yourself

When we’re thinking of rewards, we’re not talking about financial stuff. We’re talking about doing something for yourself that makes you feel happy – dance, eat a piece of chocolate, make yourself a smoothie, do yoga, put a peeling mask on your face and watch funny stuff on youtube and try not to laugh (there’s a challenge for you!).

Rewarding your small victories is as important as achieving them – keeps you interested and wanting more.

4. Have an accountability partner

Let’s face a fact. No matter how perfect your system might be, with maps of your progress, bullet journals and all that madness, eventually you’ll end up procrastinating, and spending way more of your free time watching everything on YouTube and Netflix, reading, playing games or doing anything else but what you’re supposed to, that would get you closer to your goals.

Having someone you can trust like a lover, or a best friend to check up on you regularly helps A TON in this situation. Yes, for the lazy kid in you they might seem like the bad guy for a second, but you’ll learn soon that all they are doing is helping you.

5. Relax!

No matter how much you want to reach that goal, there’s one thing you must never forget – breathe and relax. Overworking yourself leads to burnout, and that leads to procrastination then disappointment.

We’ve been there, throughout our entrepreneurial journey. The key is to find your balance. Nobody can tell you how much you should work in a day, or when. Us, for example, are more creative at night, so we sleep in late(ish), and work until the morning sometimes, but we always take breaks when we feel tired or like something’s not going well.

Some fun ways to relax include:

Watching something on Youtube – we love to keep it educational, so even our entertainment has to bring some value to us – from learning a new skill, or perfecting an old one, to where (not) to shop online and why.

Reading a good book – because I, being Maya, am in dire need of inspiration, I’ve finally started reading the books that inspired our beloved Game of Thrones.

Cooking something good – if you too are a lover of all things home made, and have some skills in the kitchen ( hey, you don’t have to be an expert!) just cook something you like. We find it quite therapeutic. Plus it helps us connect as a couple.

Moving your body – do yoga, dance around the house, go for a walk, a run, have amazing sex! Dealer’s choice. But whatever you do, keep that body of yours moving.

Sleep – sometimes all you need is a good sleep, especially on a rainy day in flu season. Even though this might sound crazy, listen to your body.

Our BIG Goals for 2018 – Personal and Professional Plans

1. To finally publish the e-book we planned and written in 2017
2. To write and publish the other book we planned in 2017 (totally unrelated to the first one!)
3. To reach earnings from our blog of 5K$ per month by the time December 2018 ends
4. To shoot more (and less embarrassing) photos of us together
5. To finally start planning our dream wedding

And that’s all for today, lovely dreamers! We hope you enjoyed our article on our 5 ways to set achievable goals and why not New Year’s Resolutions. If you did like it, don’t forget to share it, pin it, tweet it!

Are you set on making a change in your life, but you know that New Year's Resolutions are overrated? here are our top 5 tips on how to set achievable goals!

Our question for you is: What are your big goals for 2018?

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