Milestones for Grown-ups Cards – Milestones for your 20’s Pack Review

Milestones for Grown-ups Cards – Milestones for your 20’s Pack Review

If you are in your 20’s, then you know that adulting is hard! Who says that we, as young millennials, don’t deserve to celebrate our milestones? Now, thanks to the Milestones for Grown-ups Cards, we can celebrate them!


Before we get any further, you need to know that we got these Milestones for Grown-up Cards, the pack of Milestones for your 20’s at the courtesy of their creator, Anna, but this article is our 100% honest review.


Since I ( being Maya), am 27 and Andy just turned 25, the pack Milestones for your 20’s was the perfect pick for us! Spoiler alert: It’s amazing! And you’ll want one ASAP, for sure!


But enough chit-chatting, let’s get to it!


What are Milestones for Grown-ups Cards?

Milestones for Grown-ups Cards are just like the baby cards parents use for their kids, but for grown-ups. You know those cheesy pictures on Facebook of the baby’s achievement, like “first time sitting“, “first smile“, or how Anna says, the “first poop” – and a picture of that magical event.  


Well, these are like those, but less cheesy. First of all, they have no poop! 🙂 They are created by the need to help adults, or people trying to adult, celebrate the milestones in their lives.


From moving out, getting your first job, to voting for the first time, there are many other important milestones in every adult’s life, and these cards are made especially for celebrating those moments.


There are 20 cards in each deck, and there are 2 types of packs available, one for your 20’s and one for your 30’s. They are all printed on eco-friendly paper and with vegetable ink only, so yay for nature!


Milestones for your 20’s Card Pack– First impressions:

Let’s start with the box. Simple design, that has a great impact. And the rope tied in two bows, a nice personal touch. Overall, it has that thing, je ne sais quoi, that makes you want to know more and it gets you excited about the journey of discovering the content.


Also, it comes packed in a water proof envelope, padded with bubble wrap, so it doesn’t get damaged on the long trip to you, all the way from Australia, so there’s no need to worry about that.


On the back of the pack, you’ll find the description:Milestones for Grown-ups Cards are designed to help celebrate all the special moments in the life of adults. However old you are, whatever your walk of life, there is always something worth sharing and celebrating: Your life deserves celebrating!”

We couldn’t have put this better ourselves. Why shouldn’t we, as adults, celebrate our achievements? Especially in our 20’s, when there are so many changes in our lives, so many ups and downs!


These Milestones for Grown-ups Cards, for us, are like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day (even though that might sound cheesy). That’s why we think they are so amazing.


Just think of it this way. You finally achieved something you wanted for a long time. Celebrate it! Take the milestone card, snap a photo of the event, and keep it somewhere, or share it with your friends.


When sad times come around, and you feel down, or like nothing in your life is good, or where it’s supposed to be (and yes, those times will come often in your 20’s), just browse through your photos and remind yourself of the awesome achievements you have so far!


The fun fact is that before we got them we found out of the project, and were so happy that someone actually did this. ( And a little jealous we didn’t think of it faster!)


But let’s get back to the cards.

In this pack, there are 20 unique cards, with different designs, for the most likely milestones anyone in their 20’s experiences. All the cards are in the size A6 (postcard) and are intended to be used as photo props.


As a photographer with a need constant need to expand my skill, I’ve been wanting to do more portrait photography. Now, I have a nice twist to add, so I’m super thrilled about that.


The cards include:

  1. Graduation day
  2. Today I voted for the 1st time!
  3. I am moving out!
  4. I did my own taxes!
  5. I booked my own medical appointment
  6. I got a job!!
  7. First time at the cinema on my own!
  8. First time traveling on my own
  9. Yes! I cooked this!
  10. I donated blood
  11. I got a promotion!
  12. I quit my job
  13. I took my parents out for dinner at a nice restaurant & I picked up the bill
  14. I’ve finally bought myself (INSERT OBJECT)
  15. I asked for a pay rise
  16. My first music festival
  17. Road Trip!
  18. They said I would never (INSERT ACTIVITY), well look at me now!
  19. I am a quarter of a century old
  20. Today is the last day of my 20s

As a couple, Andy and I have checked 15 out of the 20 cards, but we’ll let you guess which ones!


But, we’ll say that our favorites include:

I quit my job – achieved in 2016 – by both of us! When we decided to change our lifestyle and quit our 9 to 5 corporate jobs and moved 3000 km(almost 2000 miles) away from home.


I, being Maya, was 26, and Andy was 24 at the time. Because we still had to live, he got another job, but I focused all my energy on creating our own little corner of the world and started the Dreaming of Butterflies project.


My first music festival – achieved in 2012 – when I, Maya, was a photographer for a rock magazine called Metalhead. It was one of the most fantastic experiences of my life, especially because I had a press pass around my neck, haha! 🙂


And yes, I would do it all again, in a heartbeat!


Andy achieved his a little earlier when he was still a teenager! It was back in 2010 when he was only 18, and it was a rock & metal festival.


Rockers will be rockers, what can you do? 🙂


Today I voted for the first time – We were raised in a country with a very corrupt political system, unfortunately for us, but that only meant that we were encouraged to vote as soon as it was legally possible. We always want a change for the better, especially when it comes to our home.

We were both taken by our parents to see how the voting process happens, from when we were little kids.

I was fortunate enough that I got to vote for the first time a few weeks after my 18th birthday when young people are considered already adults and have the right to vote.

Andy, being 2 years younger, he had to wait for a bit longer to be able to vote, but he did this for the first time later.


I am moving out! – We moved out of our parents’ house, for good, in 2012. He was the first to move out, and then I moved in with him and started our amazing journey in this life together!


But we are so glad we moved out!


First time traveling on my own – This has to be one of the scariest things I’ve done by myself. Andy and I both achieved this in 2016, but separately. He was the first to move away because I was still working and had to stay behind for a while.


After a few weeks, I joined him, but for the first time, he wasn’t there to hold my hand through the life-changing journey. I was terrified! I felt so lost, but it felt so good at the same time! And probably because I knew that he was waiting for me.


Don’t forget to tell us what your favorites are!

(the awesomeness continues on page 2!)

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