How to have a cleaner home – 5 easy tips for newbies

Living in a house filled with people is hard and it easily gets messy, if you don’t use some tricks. When you were living at home with your parents, you knew your house was always clean, even though your mom did not work at it every single day. How did she do it? Does she know magic?

The answer is simple: No, she doesn’t do magic, even though that would be awesome, but that doesn’t mean that she didn’t use some tricks to make it look like so. To make your house look great can be easier than you think.

It doesn’t matter if you are living on your own, only with your loved one, or in a house with other people, here are a few tricks to keep it clean all the time, without rubbing and scrubbing all day, every day.

The key is to create new, healthy habits for your house. It may be difficult at first if you live with other people, but you can do it if you work together.

Rule no. 1: No outdoor shoes in the house

This is mandatory, no matter if you live alone, or with other people – but especially when you live with others. Creating an area as close to the door as possible for shoes is a simple way to keep dirt out.

Even though you think that your shoes are clean, trust me – the dirt and bacteria you carry with you on the street get in the house if you don’t take them off. It can be dangerous for your health and for the ones you live with.

Instead of making a mess everywhere, and to be forced to vacuum and mop the floors a few times per week – just switch your dirty outdoor shoes with house slippers. Now, you only need to do this once, maybe twice per week.

2. Dump your dirty clothes directly in the laundry basket

Don’t be lazy. You moved out of your mom’s house, now nobody will clean after you – I’m sorry dear, you are on your own. A simple and effective way to have a cleaner house is to dump your dirty clothes directly in the laundry basket.

Instead of throwing them around your room, get undressed in the bathroom, or where your basket is.

Don’t “mark your territory” with socks everywhere. It doesn’t only stink up the place, but it is a nasty habit that makes your house dirty.

I must confess that this will be hard to do – especially when your man likes to “mark his territory” at the end of a long day at work, but if you talk to him and explain to him that you are not his mom, you are his girlfriend, and that he is not a dog, he is a man, he will do this on his own.

3. Get rid of “the chair”

You know what I’m talking about. That laundry monster chair from your bedroom. Seriously, it’s right next to your dresser. You don’t need to walk for a mile to reach it.

If the clothes are clean, they go in the dresser. If your clothes are dirty – out with them. Period.

4. Clean for 15 minutes every day

Pick something to clean for a few minutes every day. You could dust everything in the house, or clean your room, or your bathroom.

Pick one spot every day, and actually clean it for 15 minutes every day. It’s exercise – not torture, so stop making excuses.

5. Always have your hands full

We all love to eat in bed. I have to say that even we do it more often than we should, these days. That’s why we sometimes have trays and plates in our room.

The thing that you should always do is when you leave the room you are in, scan it quickly for messy items – a plate, a bowl, empty bottles etc. If you find something, take them with you and put them where they belong.

If they are dirty dishes, put them in the sink and clean them, if they are empty bottles, throw them out.

And voila! Easy habits you can implement for a cleaner house.

My question for you is: What other healthy cleaning habits do you have?

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