10 Awesome Game Of Thrones DIYs You Can Actually Make

If you are anyone with access to the internet, then you know that Game of Thrones Season 7 is finally here!


The long-expected series is back to keep us glued to our couch and with our eyes on screens, for one magical hour every week! But what can a fan do in the time waiting for another episode? DIY some stuff of course!

I’ll be honest with you and confess that I have binge-watched all the Game of Thrones episodes last week in preparation for the new series. After watching the first episode of season 7 I was left with nothing to watch anymore.

So, what is a fan to do?

Because I know I’m not the only one thinking about how to kill the time between episodes like George RR Martin likes to kill every beloved character (RIP Hodor!), and because I love DIY projects, I thought it would be awesome, and a lot of fun to combine the two.

Of course, these projects are meant for fun, mostly for decoration, and some of them are surprisingly easy to make, and most importantly, CHEAP.

Yes, for some of them you might need a certain set of skills, but if, you’re a little DIY savvy, then you won’t resist!

But enough chit-chatting, let’s get to it!

10 Awesome Game Of Thrones DIYs You Can Actually Make

1. Game of Thrones Inspired Dragon Egg, from eHow

With only a few so non-magical “ingredients”, you can achieve this magical dragon egg in just a couple of hours, depending on the size you want it to be.

Basics needed: gloves (for protecting your hands, of course), a foam egg, nickel thumbtacks ( a few hundred), spray paint and a sponge.

Finished dragon egg in a basket

Source: eHow


The next time you watch an episode or throw a GOT themed party, decorate your place with these banners! You know, to set the mood properly.

With only a few supplies, patience and care, you can achieve these banners quite fast, depending on your skill level. If you’re a newbie DIYer, it might take a while, it’s true, but it’s worth it in the end, don’t you think?

Source: Hola Sara

3. Snowflake Patterns inspired by Game of Thrones, by Krystal Higgins

Winter is here! Why not decorate with these cute (and surprisingly easy to make) Snowflakes inspired by GOT? You can choose the pattern you like, or you can mix and match, or have them all!

Source: Krystal Higgins

4. Game Of Thrones Coasters, from The Pop Culture Cynic

I just love the look on these coasters! Simple, yet amazing. The fun thing is that when you DIY them you can add your idea to the mix. I, for example, need them to be different colors, to match the houses, not just plain white.

Game of Thrones Song of Ice and Fire DIY Coasters Arryn Lannister Stark Greyjoy Tully Tyrell Baratheon Targaryen

Source: The Pop Culture Cynic

5. MOTHER OF DRAGONS NECKLACE, from Nerds and Nomsense

Every Mother of Dragons(and future MoD) that respects herself needs a GOT inspired necklace, don’t you think?


Source: Nerds and Nomsense


I absolutely love this! The only concern I have is for how long this will last, with all the wind here. We’ll just have to wait and see!


GOT Dragon Mobile

Source: Krafty Kath

7. Winter Is Coming Scarf, by Ravelry

Every Game of Thrones fan that has a crafty side (or friend) needs to get their hands on this scarf, don’t you think?

Source: Ravelry

8. House Stark: Direwolf Illusion Blanket, from Ravelry

As a massive Stark fan, with cold feet and a love for the knitted stuff, I couldn’t resist sharing this awesome finding with you. Winer is here! Let’s keep us warm under this, shall we?

Source: Ravelry

9. The Iron Phone Throne Charging Station, from Buzzfeed

This project is a little time-consuming, sure, but just look at it! Isn’t it perfect? After this charging station, all you need is to name your phone… Queen Cersei? Just saying.

Source: Buzzfeed

10. Iron Throne Bean Bag, from Nerd by Night

OK, ok, for this one, if you want to achieve that level of awesomeness, you need skills. If you got them, this project shouldn’t be such a challenge for you, lucky!

Love it!

Source: Nerd by Night

So what do you say? Are you going to get your crafty on and try these 10 Game of Thrones inspired DIY projects? If you like it, don’t forget to Pin it, share it, tweet it!

Our question for you is: How do you spend your time between GOT Seasons?

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