10 Awesome, Funky & Easy Summer DIYs every Rebel Girl needs to make

10 Awesome, Funky & Easy Summer DIYs every Rebel Girl needs to make

This one is for all the rebel girls out there, who love to DIY on their spare time. This mix is for all my gorgeous babes out there who want a unique spin on a classic. Let’s get hot together with these 10 Awesome, Funky & Easy Summer DIYs that every Rebel Girl needs to make!


Keeping up with the most popular article from the past weeks on our blog, we had to, just had to, do it all again! But this time, with a little twist…


Where are all my rebel girls? Beauties, this DIY is so dear to me, because I’m a rebel one as well, and I had to share my awesome findings with you. If you’ve been to our little corner of the universe before, you guys know that we only share what we tried, and know it’s awesome.


In this following list you’ll find anything you need, from head to toe, and of course, accessories! Simple DIYs that you can try this weekend, and still have time to do a raid in World of Warcraft!


But enough with the blabber, let’s get to it!


10 Awesome, Funky & Easy Summer DIYs every Rebel Girl needs to make


1. DIY. Fringe Sleeve/Seam Tee, from Trash to Couture

If you’ve seen the last awesome Summer DIY article, you already know that I just LOVE Trash to Couture. Her simple ideas are just amazing. So easy to do, and the impact is so WOW!

All you need for this DIY is a T-shirt of your choice, and some fringe and the result? mrrr!

Source: Trash to Couture


2. No Sew Tie-Front Tank, by Let’s Get Thrifty

Of course, no rebel girl can say no to a cute tank, with a fun print. This one with Maleficent, just woke up the bad girl in me, in the best way possible. It’s pure evil after all, isn’t it? 🙂

Source: Let’s Get Thrifty


3. DIY Fishtail Skirt, from A Pair & A Spare

Even though you’re a rebel, you still need to be cute, right? Plus, you could try this on any long and boring skirt from the thrift shop. Just grab your scissors, and let’s get started!

Source: A Pair & A Spare



I bet you have at least an old T-shirt just sitting in your closet right now, in desperate need of a remake. Why not master the art of bleaching, with this simple tutorial?


Source: Chickita


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