10 Fantastic, Easy & Cheap DIYs your man will Love

Most DIY projects are usually made by girls, for girls. But what do you do with the awesome, hard-working man in your life? Let’s give him some love with these 10 fantastic, easy and cheap DIYs for guys, that your man will definitely love!

No matter what the occasion is, or isn’t – it can just be a Wednesday- every guy needs to feel loved.

Yes, it’s fun to cook for him, or to create some kinky romantic settings for a fun night in ( if you know what I mean), but sometimes, you just need to make him something personalized and useful.

These projects are easy to make, cheap as hell, and perfect for a birthday present, for example. And because my Andy’s birthday is coming up, I just had to make him something special!

And these amazing DIYs for guys were my inspiration, and I hope they will be yours as well.

10 Fantastic, Easy & Cheap DIYs your Man will Love

1. DIY: How to Make a Wallet Out of an Old Cowboy Boot! from Poppy Talk

If you’re like me and love recycling, this project is definitely for you. You don’t need anything fancy. An old boot, needle, some thick thread, and imagination for a simple, awesome and practical design.

This is one of the best examples I could find out there, and it’s a definite must try!

Source: Poppy Talk

2. DIY Leather Camera Strap, by Almost Makes Perfect

Keeping up with the recycling projects, why not create a personalized camera strap? I’ve been meaning to do this for some time now, for myself, but wanted a more manly look, because I’m not you average girly girl, and because I want to encourage my beloved to learn photography (so he could understand me better when I go crazy about it 🙂 ).

If your guy’s a photographer, having a unique camera strap is something he doesn’t even know he wants, but he’ll appreciate it so much! Why not surprise him?

diy leather camera strap via almost makes perfect

Source: Almost Makes Perfect

3. The Leather Cuff tutorial, from The Red Kitchen

If your man loves leather accessories, but you want to keep it simple, minimal, now here’s a great tutorial. So simple, and the best part, you only need a scrap piece of leather. No sewing, no stress!

Source: The Red Kitchen

4. LACED LEATHER CUFF DIY, by I Always Pick the Thimble

For this one, you’ll need a little bit of patience, and force, because piercing that bracelet can be hard, depending on its thickness. The result of your hard work will be worth it, trust me on this one.

DIY Laced Leather Cuff

Source: I Always Pick the Thimble

5. Braid Leather Bracelets for Men, from Panda Hall

Another style loved by our beloved rockers, this is a must-have in their accessory pile. Depending on the type of terminators ( not Arnold Schwarzenegger though! 🙂 ) that you want to use, you can have a simple design, or go all out and put even a dragon’s head on there!


Get inspired, create your own.

final look

Source: Panda Hall


A flask is an accessory most men like, even if they don’t always carry one with them everywhere they go. A nicely designed flask, unique, at a great price, can be hard to find. So, why not DIY it?

Thinking of it, all you need is an old flask you can thrift shop from any market, leather scraps, and good glue.

Source: I Spy DIY

7. DIY | PERSONALISED SOCKS, from Lana Red Studio

Every woman in a long-term relationship knows how her man and socks have an incredible bond. It’s still a mystery for me, after all these years. The good part? Giving him a unique, hand-made pair, will make him love you even more.

DIY Personalised Socks

Source: Lana Red Studio

8. Adjustable Apron, by Purl Soho

You know how you see your man even hotter when he cooks, but you want him to be clean and safe while doing it. This apron is something he will enjoy, and even make him want to spend more time in the kitchen ;)!

You’ll need some basic sewing machine knowledge for this one, though. But you must give it a try!

Adjustable Apron | Purl Soho

Source: Purl Soho

9. Comic Book Coasters, from Mod Podge Rocks

Even though these might be for you more thank him, because if you’re like me, you’re the one thinking about the tables in the house and their well-being, but don’t stress! Any comic book lover will enjoy these as much as you do!


He’s happy that they look awesome, you’re happy his not making circles all over the place. Win-win! And they are surprisingly easy to make.

If you are looking for unique crafts for men, these DIY comic book coasters are perfect. Use materials right from the hardware store!

Source: Mod Podge Rocks

10. “Talk Nerdy To Me” Love Notes, by The Dating Divas

To top it all, you must have a nice card prepared, and can I just say, how adorable these are? Perfect for any occasion really, not only Valentine’s. And what can be easier than printing something out?


Source: The Dating Divas
We hope you enjoyed our list of 10 fantastic, easy and cheap DIYs for guys, that your man will definitely love, and remember that anything you do will impress him, especially after a long, hard day of work.

Our question for you is: What other DIYs for guys would you like to make?

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