10 Colorful ways to welcome Autumn in your house

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I don’t know about you, but we LOVE Autumn, of Fall, whatever you like to call it! Because we always think it’s a good idea to bring some color into your home, and Fall is the perfect time to do it, here are 10 colorful ways to welcome Autumn in your house!

From super easy DIYs filled with colors, leafs, and imagination… to cheap, cute and very useful blankets, Autumn, or Fall, will be welcomed in your house this year even by the ones that aren’t so happy about it.

But really now, who isn’t happy about Fall? The air is breathable again, the colors of nature are absolutely dreamy, and, my favorite part, all the bugs are nowhere to be found! YESS!!

Also, between us, our favorite day of the year is almost here! Halloween!

Because your home is your sanctuary, the place you go to recharge and relax, or it should be, you have a duty to yourself, first and foremost, and then to your other roommates, to make your house the most awesome and relaxing place there is.

Today we’re trying to do just that by embracing Fall in all its greatness! If you’re an Autumn lover like us, these small (but effective) ideas will definitely help you wow your roommates and guests.

But enough with the chit-chatting! Let’s get to it!

10 Colorful ways to welcome Autumn in your house

1. DIY AUTUMN LEAF FAIRY LIGHTS, from Wallflower Kitchen

DIY Autumn Leaf Fairy Lights

I, being Maya, am a sucker for anything that has colorful leafs on it, and if you add some fairy lights, I am set! A simple, and cheap DIY you can’t resist if you’re an Autumn lover.

All you need are some colorful leafs you find in nature and some fairy lights found here at a good price!

Source: Wallflower Kitchen

2. DIY AUTUMN LEAF BOWLS, by Hello!Lucky

Keeping up with the colorful leaf DIYs, these bowls are just dreamy! What do leafs, a balloon, mod podge, a sponge (not Bob) and some scissors have in common?

They make a damn nice Autumn Leaf Bowl! Don’t you think?

Source: Hello!Lucky

3. AUTUMN LEAF MASON JAR CANDLE HOLDER, from Spark and Chemistry

This is a tutorial that kept me busy this week. I searched for it like a crazy stocker for a few hours! But man, it was worth it! On the previous tutorial, I’ve mentioned leafs, mod podge, and a sponge.

Add jars to the mix and you have another special DIY that if you’re a candle lover, like me, you know it’s a must do this weekend.

Souce: Spark and Chemistry

4. Fall Wreath, by Ladyface Blog

Even if you live in a 7-floor building in the last apartment on the top, having a wreath on your front door just gives you that plus! You know you’re special and your home should be as well.

Why not start with your door?

All you need are fall leafs, fake – if you want to make his last longer- or real – if you’re like me, a vine wreath, and some cute little fake birds.

Source: Ladyface Blog

5. Fall Wreath ( with a sparkle!), from Little Lovelies

If you’re more into bling, but still want to keep it simple, this is another wreath model you could try!

What you need: The wreath, (fake) leafs, a glitter covered letter, burlap stripes, and a glue gun. The result? Awesome!!

Source: Little Lovelies

6. No-Sew Burlap Pumpkins, by Confessions of a Plate Addict

You can’t have Fall without some pumpkins, now, can you? If you’re not into tacky plastic pumpkins and are nowhere near real ones, why not DIY them?

Essentials: Burlap, rubber bands, mod podge, leafs ( fake or real – also optional), twine, and some stuffing.

The fun thing is it takes longer to read the instructions than actually make these.

Source: Confessions of a Plate Addict

7. DIY Bath and Body Works Candles (Fall Edition), from JENerationDIY

So simple, so effective! And because I am a candle lover, a must! Materials needed for this one: wax or candle – whatever you prefer, fragrance oils, jars, the wicks, and optional – the crayons that are added for color.

Yes, the result will not be 100% as the original, but I think it’s even better. You make it as you wish, scented by your desires. You could also mix and match and make them multi-colored!

Source: JENerationDIY

8. Blankets!

It’s not Autumn until you’re on the sofa, or in your bed, with a hot drink and a good book. Am I right? 🙂 Thanks to Amazon, I’ve got my mermaid needs covered with this awesome tails, and because I couldn’t let Andy get cold, but he’s not that into having a tail, he’ll be wrapped like a burrito in this beauty!

And thanks to Ebates, we’re getting cash back on all of our shopping so that’s a big plus!

Source: Amazon! Here, Here, and Here.


Simple frosted vegan pumpkin cookies with hints of pumpkin spice made with one bowl in under an hour | Gluten Free + Dairy Free
I’m sure Andy is not the only one with a sweet tooth, but because I’m super concerned about his health and my weight, I needed a solution. These pumpkin cookies came to the rescue!

If you love cooking/baking like us, don’t be afraid to try these, you will not regret it.

Source: A Saucy Kitchen


10. FALL HARVEST HOT APPLE CIDER, from Whole Food Bellies

Fall Harvest hot apple Cider. Pop all the beautiful, fresh fruit from the farmers market into the crockpot, and warm up with this delicious warm cider. Perfect for chilly nights.
And speaking of hot sweet treats, you need to wash those cookies down with something good and truly as delicious. Yum!

Source: Whole Food Bellies


And that’s all for this list! We really hope you love these Autumn DIYs as much as we do, and we encourage you to try them out these Fall months.

Our question for you is: How do you decorate your home when Autumn comes?

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