6 amazingly cheap and easy date ideas on a budget

Being in a long-term relationship is awesome, but it’s also hard work – if you want it to be successful, lasting one. Living on a tight budget makes things harder most times, but that shouldn’t break you- it should only make you stronger.

Even though sometimes is hard, date nights have to be relaxing, stress-free moments. Having dates on a budget turned into a fun way for us to see what can we do for 0 cost or anything less than 30 euros, for the both of us.

1. Cook together

The cheapest way to enjoy a delicious freshly cooked meal at a small price is to make it yourself. If you and your loved one love working together, cooking together is awesome!

It helps you connect, learn something new about and from each other, and overall it’s a fun experience.

2. Go swimming

Depending on the time of the year and where you live, this can be a free experience or an equally wonderful one at a small price. Swimming is relaxing and good exercise for you.

Why not make it an awesome date? If you can go by sea, or a lake, pack a nice picnic and you are set!

3. Gaming night

Being gamers, a gaming date night is mandatory. We must have at least two gaming date night per month, just because we love it. It costs way less than a movie or a fancy dinner out, and we do what we love, for as much time as we want, in the comfort of our home – usually our bed :).

All we need to make it complete are two bowls of snacks and that’s it!

4.  Free Concerts

Live concerts make life worth living. Enjoying good music lives, in a pub, a tiny bar or outdoors is just a great way to have fun, dance, and sing. Most of them have free entry, so that’s just perfect for young couples like us.

5. At home movie night

Bring movie nights to a new level. Don’t just spend money on tickets and watch them in the cinema, make your own cinema at home.

You can easily watch everything online these days, so why not make movie nights at home, in the living room, on your own cozy couch.

6. Massage date

Nothing compares to intimacy for a young couple. A great way to get more out of your intimate moments it’s to turn your bedroom into a mini spa for a few hours and massage each other.

All you need are a few candles, relaxing music and massage oil. It doesn’t matter if you know how to massage or not!

You don’t need to be a professional masseuse to impress your loved one.

Our question for you is: What do you like to do on a date when you have a tight budget?

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