August 2017 Income Report – Why we made only 40,44$ this month with our blog

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Last month we shared with you the story of how we made our first 260.56$ just by blogging. Today we’re sharing our second one – the August Income Report, and we’re sharing with you the changes that we’ve been through in the meantime.

If you’ve read our previous Income Report than you can skip this first part if you want and get straight to the point. If not, stick around for a bit and learn something more about us.

We, being my gorgeous wifey (to be) Maya and I – being Andy, admitted from the get-go that we got into this business of blogging to make some money while we help others by sharing our ideas of self-improvement, lifestyle,  and our lessons learned in the magical land of blogging.

It’s also true that I am a (very) skeptical man (everyone who knows me can attest that), and I could have never believed that we could make any money online, not to mention by starting a blog!

Apparently, sharing about the struggles of young millennials, giving all sorts of life hacksfrom cooking, cleaning, money making & management, fun DIY projects we’ve tried, and sharing the life lessons we’ve learned from books, movies & pop culture – and doing it all with our personal geeky twist, can actually make you money.

I sure never thought that could happen! (and now Maya rolls her eyes and smiles)

Our Blogging Story & The Big Problems

Because we love to help others, especially the ones that are younger than us, in every aspect that we struggled in our adult life so far, and because we like to teach people about what we learned from our mistakes, we could not keep it in anymore.

We had to do something. 

This, added to the fact that Maya and I are driven by the idea of being entrepreneurs since we were in our teens, and her obsession with Pinterest, pushed us in the direction of blogging.

The skeptical in me was screaming: “Lies! They are all liars! You cannot make so much money with a blog!“, all while Maya read amazing income reports to me, from bloggers that make over 10k$ per month to 120k$ per month.

I eventually gave in, because I realized this is not a scam, not MLM bullshit, not a “get rich quick” scheme. This is work, serious work – if you want to actually make money. Plus, Maya’s face lit up every time the blogging topic came into discussion.

Our first big problem was that “old bloggers”, aka those bloggers that have been doing this for years and years, they all tell you that it takes months, sometimes even years, to make a few hundred bucks online.

The relief came from new bloggers who have learned from the mistakes of others and found solutions to make it in the blogging world, much faster.

Our second big problem was that the big bloggers we follow are almost all from America, and we live in Europe. America is more open to the idea of making money online than the rest of the world.

The relief, in this case, was that there are some young European bloggers that make a nice income online, from 4k$ and up! This really helped us in the decision making process.

Our third problem was the fact that I am the only one with a job because since we moved to this part of Spain (it’s basically a Summer Resort), Maya couldn’t find a normal job, besides freelancing as a photographer and online – and that’s not steady income.

Life in this area is expensive, and we still have some debt left to pay back home, so we can’t afford to waste hard earned money, not even the 134$ we used to get us started.

After a long, 4 months debate, research and a long list of pros and cons, we finally agreed on giving it a try, on one condition: we’ll be super serious about this.

So we started our blogging journey on the 1st of March, 2017! 

Maya is in charge of managing the blog, researching and creating the awesome content you all love, taking the photos and so on. I still work full-time, so my part is simple: I give ideas & help with the marketing, and, from now on have to make every Income Report.

But I have to say that starting this blog must be the best investment in our adult life so far. This is getting us one step closer to our dream, to having our own business.

You must be serious with a blog, that is true, but you must think of the blog as an important tool for your business, not a business itself. 

Have you started your blog yet? if not, get our FREE e-book Blogging 101: Blogging for Profit to learn everything about it! Or just grab your hosting for only 3,95$ and get started now!

And now, like Maya likes to say, enough chit-chatting! Let’s get to it!

August 2017 Income Report – Why we made only 40,44$ this month with our blog

I will try to keep this as simple and on point as possible. When we first started, we got overwhelmed with the information you find out there, but we tried to apply some of the most valuable tricks learned before the actual launch.

From having a couple dozen articles pre-written, to how to set up your Pinterest, learning about group boards, SEO optimization, when to apply for affiliate marketing or the ongoing “war” ADS vs NO ADS… we worked a lot!

Today we’re also going to talk about some important stuff you should know before you make any serious change in your blog and visual marketing strategy. But more on that in a minute.

August 2017 Income Report and Views

Total earnings: 40.44$

Investments in the blog: 25$

Profit: 15.44$

Pinterest views: over 513.000 + 5.600.000 from Tailwind Tribes

Total blog views: 3488

Our most popular article of the month: 10 Real & Nonconformist ways of making money online in 2017

How did we make our money?

This month, our revenue was more balanced between ADS and Affiliates, because of some huge changes that we made on our blog.

ADS: 15.44$

AdSense(for Google searches) – 9.98$ for Yahoo and Bing users) – 5.46$

Affiliates: 25$

– From Tailwind, through ShareASale: 25$

If you didn’t know, Tailwind, aka our Visual Marketing weapon,  has an amazing affiliate program on ShareASale and they love rewarding bloggers that share about them.

Through ShareASale, they offer recurring 15% sales commission, that means, for example, if someone signs up for a monthly Tailwind plan, you will receive 15% commission every month!

If you’re already a Tailwind member, they offer special commission bonuses for writing reviews, creating videos or having case studies about them. Crazy!

Also, you can make 0.5$ per lead commissions and if they like what you say about them, they will actually help you promote those articles!

Grab your FREE Tailwind trial, promise you will not regret it! Also, make sure to check our article Tailwind 101: All you need to know, to learn more!

So what changed this month?

We were on our way to the top of the world, or so we thought.

Because blogging is an ongoing learning experience, not only a fun way to share knowledge, we focused more on learning, evolving and changing what needed to be changed.

And even though we basically sacrificed an entire month of earnings, at least we learned a shit load of stuff.

Another huge change in our lives is the fact that we moved to Scotland at the end of August, and that kept us super busy this month.

The mistake we’ve made in August

This month, we fucked up. Because we changed a lot on our blog and had to tweak our visual marketing strategy, we screwed our blog traffic, instead of making it better.

From over 1 million Pinterest views, 11 000 blog views of last month, we only got a little over 500k Pinterest views and 3 400 blog views this month.

What the hell did we do?

We wanted to make our blog more SEO friendly and more professional, so we tweaked stuff here and there.

Our articles were already SEO friendly, because of a nice little WordPress plugin called Yoast SEO that we installed from day 1.

What we changed were the links to our articles. From the big ass link like, we made it look more sexy, by shortening it to

A shorter link looks prettier, more professional.

But now, because we changed the links, we had to go on Pinterest and every other place we’ve put them and change them there as well. This is where it got crazy.

When you change a link to a pin, Pinterest basically recreates the pin, it doesn’t just edit it. All your other repins ( in our case the 10K repins for our first viral pin) remain with the old link – if you don’t go around Pinterest and change them all.

This affected our traffic A LOT because 99% of our traffic comes from Pinterest. From a few hundred to even 2K blog views per day, it fell to somewhere between 65 and a little over 300.

That was a big hit for us.

How you can avoid that

If you already have viral pins and good traffic to your blog from Pinterest, don’t go doing the crazy thing we did and change all the old links.

Keep them as they are, and just simplify the new ones you create for every article from now on. That is, of course, unless you’re crazy enough to spend all your time tracking down all the repins you’ve generated and edited them all.

If we haven’t changed our links and just let them be, our current Income Report and traffic would have been much better.

But it’s not all about being perfect all the time.

This is about learning from mistakes and not being afraid to share them. We’re only human, after all.

How did we recover?

Towards the end, our traffic started getting better and better, because we invested more time and focus on our visual marketing strategy, using Tailwind and Tailwind Tribes.

The shift in Pinterest is still going on, it still hasn’t fully recovered, but we’re getting there.

Even though in Pinterest Analytics our views have dropped like crazy, through Tailwind Tribes we’ve reached, by the end of the month, 5.6 Million people, 257 reshares, and 44 repins, from only 10 Tailwind Tribes!

Join our own Tailwind Tribe for free today! It’s free even if you don’t use Tailwind!

Also, our new free and no opt-in Resource Library is getting some attention, so we’re super happy about that as well! Be sure to check it out if you haven’t already! New goodies coming soon!

How did we invest the money?

Earlier, we mentioned our new investment for the blog & biz, the 25$. So what did we buy with the money? 

The answer is simple, a book!

Even though we have many, many notes from tons of free information, gathered from all around the blogosphere, about everything related to blogging, making money online, affiliates and all that, we got to the point that we had to recognize the hard truth.

If you want to make money, you have to invest (at least a little bit of) money. That’s how you grow.

So we bought the e-book by House of Brazen, “How to make your first Affiliate sale in 24 hours using Pinterest” and after reading it almost without blinking, because that’s how magnetizing it is, we gotta say it’s AWESOME.

It leaves you with: “Why the hell couldn’t I think of that?! It’s brilliant!” and a great amount of valuable info!

After taking plenty of notes, and making our own strategy, guess what happened?

We finally made our first affiliate sale! Yay! It’s true, it didn’t happen in 24 hours because we had to take care of some stuff before, but in less than 48 hours, it happened!

Because we bought the e-book on the last day of August, and the sale is in September, it doesn’t count for the August Income Report.

What’s next?

For September, we are finally prepared to launch our very first product, an e-book guide, focused helping you understand Pinterest and use it at its full potential!

It will have all sorts of stuff from where to begin, do’s and don’ts, and how to turn even the most confused geeky dreamer into a Pinterest know it all!

And because our heads are still working and our hands won’t stop typing, we are getting closer and closer each day from finishing our first book! But more on that later…

What you need to learn from our August Income Report:

1. It’s okay to make mistakes, but try to learn from ours, and save yourself the stress that we’ve been through.

2. If you can’t stay put and happen to make mistakes, don’t be afraid to recognize them and try to find solutions, fast

3. Don’t be afraid of investing some money in your blog/business, especially when it is as low as 25$ for a great e-book!

4. Focus on what really matters for you

We hope you enjoyed reading our August Income Report and that you got some encouragement if you’ve made some mistakes in your blogging journey!

If you found any value in this post, be sure to pin it, share it on Facebook, and Tweet it! We won’t stop you!

Our question for you is: How does your August Income Report look like? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below! We love reading that stuff!

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