20 Super Fun Alternative Christmas Trees

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Christmas this year has come and gone like crazy, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it still, and have some inspiration for next year, with these alternative Christmas Trees! So fun, so easy, and duuuh, budget friendly! ‘Cuz who has the money (or space) for a BIG Christmas tree in their 20s?

As we’re sitting in bed – me, being Maya, in my new Hogwarts and Andy in his new Assassin’s Creed Pj’s onesie that we got for Christmas, re-watching Harry Potter and enjoying each other’s company – we thought about how big and space consuming were the Christmas trees we used to have back home when we were kids. Even though they were as beautiful as the ones Hagrid brings to Hogwarts every year.

Since we moved on our own 5 years ago, we limited ourselves to minimalistic and different Christmas trees. From ones that are just a few inches tall and can stand on the table or on the floor, to our new white one, that is actually my uncle’s from last year! So adorable! And it’s so tiny, just perfect for our small apartment.

As today marks the last day of 2017, it would be fun to get some inspo for 2018, don’t you think? For next year, we’re searching for something different, that’s why we thought, why not share our findings with you, our lovely dreamers? That’s how this list was born.

But enough with the chit-chatting! Let’s get to it!


20 Super Fun Alternative Christmas Trees

1. Pallet Christmas Tree, by Redhead Can Decorate

Easy Pallet Christmas Tree Tutorial
Source: Redhead Can Decorate


Source: Amazon

3. Decorated Branch, from Rebecca June

Source: Rebecca June

4. PVC-Pipe Tree, by Martha Stewart

Source: Martha Stewart

5. Spiral Christmas Tree Rope Light Silhouette, from Amazon

Source: Amazon

6. Hanging Branches Christmas Tree, by Ueberall&Nirgendwo

Source: Ueberall&Nirgendwo

7. DIY String Light Christmas Tree, from A Pair & A Spare

DIY String Light Christmas Tree
Source: A Pair & A Spare

8. Last year’s beer = this year’s Christmas tree, from Reddit

Source: Reddit

9. The Alternative Christmas Tree, from BLDG 25 Blog

Source: BLDG 25 Blog

10. The Books Christmas Tree, from The alphabetical order

Source: The alphabetical order

11. Christmas tree ornament mobile, by Not Martha

Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile
Source: Not Martha

12. DIY Post-it Note Christmas Tree, from A Pair & A Spare

Source: A Pair & A Spare

13. Portal Christmas, from Imgur

Our Portal Christmas.
Source: Imgur

14. DIY Alternative Christmas Tree, by BLDG 25 Blog

Source: BLDG 25 Blog

15. LED Indoor Christmas Tree, from Amazon

Source: Amazon

16. TOMATO CAGE CHRISTMAS TREE, by New England Design & Construction

Source: New England Design & Construction

17. Makedo Cardboard Christmas Tree, from Instructables

Source: Instructables

18. Cardboard Cartoon Christmas Tree, from Imgur

All decorated and lit up!
Source: Imgur

19. Brown Paper Christmas Tree, by Crafts a la mode

Source: Crafts a la mode

20. White Christmas Tree, from Amazon

Source: Amazon

Aaaaaand, that’s all for today lovely dreamers! We hope you enjoyed our article for these alternative DIY Christmas Trees, and if you did, make sure to share it, pin it, tweet it! We won’t stop you!

Don't have any money to buy yourself a nice Christmas Tree that's Pinterest worthy? No worries, lovely dreamer! Try these alternative Christmas trees instead! Don't have any money to buy yourself a nice Christmas Tree that's Pinterest worthy? No worries, lovely dreamer! Try these alternative Christmas trees instead!

Our question for you is: How did your Christmas tree look like this year? Post your awesome pictures in the comments below! Can’t wait to see them!

P.S. We hope you’ll have a lovely New Year filled with goal achievements, self-improvement, and all the good lifestyle changes you want! We promise to be here for you and help you with advice and ideas in the year to come! May 2018 be a great year for all of us, no matter how or where we start it!

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