About Us

Hey, there gorgeous!


Who are we?

We are Maya and Andy, the co-creators of the Dreaming of Butterflies project.We’re two geeky, quirky, young millennials, with a big dream. Freedom. Since we were teenagers, we were set on having our own business one day, and rocking it!


On our own, we did a bunch of stuff, had a few strange jobs, but we learned as much as we could about what we loved.


Maya was focused on everything that had to do with photography.Her first job was as a nightlife photographer in pubs and music festivals, and she is proud to say that she was the first girl in her city to do it.


Andy was more focused on businesses. He loves everything that has to do with marketing, management, PR work and he used to help our friends who are artists sell their craft.


Like everything in life, it didn’t last forever, so we couldn’t continue on those paths.


When we were 21(Andy) and 23(Maya), we made the bold move of BUYING A BAR WITH A TATOO SHOP (it was a 2 in 1). Yes, it sounds CRAZY. Yes, it was.


But life, the economy, and many “newbie” mistakes forced us to close.Because we needed to survive, we both got new jobs, in the multinational corporate world. But the need to do something more was still there. And it was bigger than ever.


Then, our quarter life crisis hit us, and we moved 3000 km (almost 2000 miles) away from home, in search of a better lifestyle.


Our new beginning

Dreaming of Butterflies is our new project, created by the need to help young people like ourselves to express creativity, have a better lifestyle, and win the battles that life throws at us.


Our mission is to inspire you to DREAM, but not sleep, FOLLOW your dreams and DO whatever it takes to turn them into reality. We want to make a change – for the better, of course– while we shuffle things in life as well. We want to share our knowledge with everyone who cares to listen or read, in this case.


From self-improvement to lifestyle ideas, money tips and tricks, photography how to’s and of course, blogging, we focus on finding the best ideas out there. And we do it all for you!


Why should you care about us?

Because our content will always be about helping you! We work hard every week to find and put together only the best, and least expensive lifestyle, self-improvement, blogging, and money management ideas only with you in our minds.


Why should you listen to us?

Because we will always provide only valuable information that we personally tested and that we know works. And because we’re quirky, sarcastic and weird, but that’s exactly you’ll get to like us.

Yes, our life isn’t perfect, but that doesn’t mean we’re not working on it, every day, one step at a time. Also, because we love to share the interesting, and less interesting but needed, things that we find in our journey to adulthood.


Why don’t we post every day?

We post about once or twice per week, only because we need to make sure of the value of the information we provide to you. We will never pretend that a life hack or a product is worth your time and money before trying it for ourselves.


The research process takes time, especially when we, as young millennial bloggers swim in an ocean filled with mommy bloggers, fitness bloggers, and powerful personal finance bloggers.


Our content needs to be specially tailored for you, our readers, to fit all your needs, and that is very time-consuming.


Where to find us?

You can get in touch with us through our social media handles, our new Facebook Group for millennial entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs of all kinds, aka bloggers, vloggers, business owners, or you can send us a direct message at contact@dreamingofbutterflies.co with any questions you might have about life and “adulting” and we will try  our best to answer them.


Our Dreaming Millennial Entrepreneurs group is specially tailored for millennials, and we have a strict NO PARENTING posts rule, with sorry for millennial parents, but you are literally everywhere. All the other topics apply.



You awesome person you! As a bonus from us, we want you to have at your disposal all of our goodies! That’s why we created a unique Resource Library. Why is it unique? Because we’ll share all of our tools with you, for FREE – you don’t even need to give us your email.

If you’re curious why are we so crazy and why we did this, check out this article here: Why we created a FREE, NO Opt-In Resource Library