About Us
Hey, there gorgeous!

My name is Maya, I’m a stay at home fiance to the most amazing man on the planet, Andy. Besides my endless love for my man, I also have an attraction for good music – mostly rock and classical, geeky stuff, movies and documentaries, great books, yoga, cats, and food. I am also a freelance photographer, mostly self-thought and a new blogger in this crazy world. Andy, beloved my fiance, is a hard working man with nerves of steel, with geat skills at everything he does, a great passion for games, knowledge, science, space, architecture, DIY experiments and more.

Dreaming of Butterflies is our new project, created by the need to help young people like ourselves to express their creativity, have a better lifestyle and win the battles that life throws at them.

Our mission is to inspire you to DREAM, but not sleep, FOLLOW your dreams and DO whatever it takes to turn them into reality. We want to make a change – for the better, of course- while we shuffle things in life as well. We want to share our knowledge with everyone who cares to listen or read, in this case.