5 Simple Reasons Why you need a Blog if you are an Artist

5 Simple Reasons Why you need a Blog if you are an Artist

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Are you an artist struggling to live? Are you afraid you’ll be financially rewarded when it’s too late, or ever, for your efforts? Do you know that having your own blog could help you change your life? Here are 5 Simple Reasons Why you need a blog if you are an Artist.

Inspired by the conversation we’ve had a while back with a close friend, who is also an artist, and has the idea of starting a business of her own, but doesn’t know what to do in that direction, and how a blog could help, we decided to share with all of you the best reasons why any artist needs a blog.


Regardless of your art, be it photography, painting, sculpture, fashion design, or any of the others, you need a form of sharing that art with the world, in an elegant manner, so you can attract potential clients and create a thriving business.


The best way you can showcase your talent is through your own individual blog, your own corner of the internet.


Because we know you need more information, we created this list, just for you.

5 Simple Reasons Why you need a blog if you are an Artist

1. It’s Professional ( when you do it right)

When you decide to invest in a blog, shit gets real, fast. And yes, we say “invest”, because you should go for a self-hosted, individual blog, not a free one. Let me put that into an example for you.


Think of your awesome business, let’s say you’re a fashion designer. You want to create a brand, to make it stand out and you even thought of a name that you know people will love. Perfect!


Now imagine how it looks: yourawesomename.com ( or .co, in case some asshole just bought the .com and doesn’t use it – it happens more than you think!), compared to yourawesomename.whatever.com. When we say “whatever” think of all the free possibilities out there, like WordPress, Blogger, and others like it.


Which one looks better to you? Which one would you trust?


It’s important to create a good impression from the get-go. Having a shop on a social media platform is not enough, because you know your shit is great, and people will need more. Where will they go for more? Your website!


We recommend Bluehost for your web hosting! It’s only 3.95 per month!

2. It’s easily Customizable ( even if you’re not a tech-savvy)

The fun thing about having your own blog is you decide how it looks, and there are tons of designs out there, already built, to fit every desire, at any price range. You don’t have to stress about learning how to build it.


All you need is time to choose how you want it to look. Or, if you want, you can pay someone that knows how these things go, and they do it all for you.


Don’t be afraid to experiment, to try. Finding your style takes a little time, don’t worry.


3. It builds trust in your brand

Now that you have a self-hosted blog, a perfect, hypnotizing design, it’s easier to build trust with your brand. The more professional your blog looks, the better it is for your art.

It will make them want more, and you to become better, bigger, with each sale you make.


4. It helps you build your empire

Having your own self-hosted blog helps you build your empire because it’s your “home base” for everything, it’s where all your social media links too. Is where you control how, what and when, and where you share your art.


You should see it as your “mothership“, your number one way to grow your business. Your blog is not your business, your blog is the main way to build your business. That’s why is easier for artists to build their empires.


You already have the goods, and that’s great! Now you have to show them to the world, and conquer it, one day at a time!


5. It helps you find “your people”

And when we say “your people”, we mean not only your clients but also your online friends. Don’t think of strange things. It’s all about the like-minded people that, in their own way, from their own experience, know how you feel, how you struggle.


The people that can help you grow, evolve, expand, because they have been there where you are now. Your tribe.


We hope that with these 5 Simple Reasons we convinced the artist in you to make a change, for the future of your business.


And between us, if you get started now, hosting through Bluehost is only 3.95$ per month! And you get WordPress for free, so you can build your awesome blog!


5 reasons why you need a blog as an artist
Our question for you is: Are you ready to take the leap?

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