10 Insanely Easy and Cheap DIY Fall Decorations you can make Now

Keeping up with the Fall theme, and because we can’t get enough of our DIY Projects, today we’re gonna talk about 10 super easy and very cheap (yay!) DIY Fall Decorations you can try this year, even if you’re on a budget and (you say) not so good with the DIYing!

A couple of articles ago, we’ve talked about 10 Colorful ways you can welcome Autumn into your home. Today, because we can’t help ourselves but go deeper into the subject, we’re showing you that you can have a nice home, even if you’re not a fancy suburban couple.

Life is what you make it, so let’s make this Fall, or Autumn, great! The weather is getting colder, rain will come more often than any time, but that doesn’t mean that your home can’t be the nicest place to be in!

How do you make it nice? Well, besides some hot tea and fluffy blankets, the way you choose to decorate the house will influence your days and your mood.

Some people get that high from, well, getting high. Others go for shopping. But when you’re on a super tight budget – duh! you’re just learning to cope with life and live on your own – you don’t have the money for a good high or a shopping trip that will actually make you that happy. So what the fuck do you do?

You DIY! Obviously!

Why? Well, for a few reasons: it’s waaaaay cheaper, it’s a good way to de-stress after a bad day and it’s a fun thing you can do alone or as a couple – playing with all your hands together, talking about stuff while you do it, it can even get hot!

That’s a good way to strengthen the relationship, getting to know one another better and connect.

Because we’ve developed an undying love for all things DIY, little projects like these DIY Fall Decorations are a must, especially since we’ve moved from Spain and relocated to Scotland! It’s just perfect!

New house, new projects! Don’t you think?

But enough with the chit-chatting! Let’s get to it!

10 Insanely Easy and Cheap DIY Fall Decorations you can make Now

1. MASON JAR FALL LUMINARY, by Create Craft Love

I can bet you have an empty, or an almost empty jar in your house right now. It can be done on almost any jar shape, it doesn’t have to be a specific Mason jar. All you need next is a sponge brush, adhesive vinyl, and paint.

Cute and easy Mason Jar Fall Luminary - tutorial at createcraftlove.com!
Source: Create Craft Love

2. Dryer Vent Pumpkin, from A Diamond in the Stuff

These are so cute, still can’t believe they are made from Dryer Vent tubes, hot glue, and some paint!

And even though she added a cinnamon stick to each of them and Spanish moss, if that’s too expensive for you, just go outside and grab some leafs and a stick and you are done!

Dryer Vent Pumpkin Tutorial | A Diamond in the Stuff
Source: A Diamond in the Stuff

3. 3D Paper Pumpkin, from Crafts by Amanda

So simple, so cute! Scrap paper, scissors, and twine make wonders sometimes.

3D Paper Pumpkin @amandaformaro Crafts by Amanda

Source: Crafts by Amanda

4. Autumn In A Jar, by Style Burb

Even if you don’t have a fancy apothecary jar like this, you can still get a decent looking decoration in a different shape as well.

Some seasonal nuts, peanuts and seeds, a bunch of real (or fake) leafs, some, definitely fake mini pumpkins – so they don’t die and zombify in the jar, and last but not least, pinecones!

The result? Just lovely!

Source: Style Burb

5. FALL CANDLE CENTERPIECE, from That’s What Che Said

Aww!! That’s the reaction I get from these. And they are so simply made! Burlap, leafs, twine, and candles. Genius.

Easy & Inexpensive Way to Create a Fall Candle Centerpiece!

Source: That’s what Che said

6. DIY FALLING LEAVES GARLAND, by House of Jade Interiors

Even though we’re not that big fans of garlands, this one has a sparkle we can’t say no to, for some strange, unknown reason (we’re not that into glitter). For this

For this decoration, you’ll need fake leafs, glue, and glitter. Tie those sparkling beauties to a long ribbon, and you’re all set.

boxwood clippings_diy falling leaves garland
Source: House of Jade Interiors

7. DIY PAPER ROLL PUMPKINS, from Domestically Blissful

If you’re like us and like to make stuff out of paper rolls (see our DIY Paper Roll Fruit Bowl article), then this DIY is for you! You can keep the sparkle and use the leftover glitter from the previous DIY, or just keep it simple, with some paint.

It’s up to you!

Paper Roll Pumpkins
Source: Domestically Blissful

8. Autumn Fabric Wreath, by A Beautiful Mess

Okay fashion designers and tailors, this one is perfect for you! You know that pile of scraps you keep somewhere hidden? Mine was in an old sewing machine box. In that pile of scraps, you’re most likely to have colored fabrics that go with the autumn theme.

If you’re not in that category of crafters, and for some reason, you don’t, flee markets are always a fun place to look for fabrics at great prices for this DIY.

Source: A Beautiful Mess

9. Deco Mesh Pumpkin, from Miss Kopy Kat

I can’t believe how simple this DYI is! And the funny thing is after it’s done, you can make it more “Halloweenie” if you tape over it some black adhesive vinyl, leftover from DIY number 1 on this list, to make the carved face of the pumpkin.

DIY upgrade? Maybe.

Source: Miss Kopy Kat

10. Fall Harvest Basket Centerpiece, by Opulent Cottage

A plain basket can be turned into a great centerpiece for your table, with just a garland of fake leafs, pumpkins, and beautiful lanterns.
Simple and effective.

Opulent Cottage Fall Harvest Basket
Source: Opulent Cottage

Aaaand… that’s all for today, lovely dreamers! We hope you enjoyed our list of budget-friendly and very easy to make DIY Fall Decorations, and if you did, don’t be shy! Share them with everyone! Pin, tweet, share on Facebook! We promise we won’t stop you!

Our question for you is: On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you like pumpkins?

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